How To Set Up Menu Entry Swapper For Pickpocket

In Old School RuneScape (OSRS), “pickpocketing” is a skill that lets players quietly steal items from certain characters in the game. It’s a sneaky way to gather valuable stuff and make money. This blog will explain pickpocketing in OSRS and show you how the RuneLite Menu Entry Swapper can make it easier and more profitable.

Menu Entry Swapper For Pickpocket

To set up the Menu Entry Swapper for pickpocketing in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), follow these steps:

Step 1 :- Launch RuneLite: Open the RuneLite client and log in to your OSRS account.

Step 2 :-Enable Menu Entry Swapper:

  • In the RuneLite client, locate the “Plugin Hub” or “Plugin Manager” section, typically found in the sidebar.
  • Look for the “Menu Entry Swapper” plugin in the list of available plugins.
  • Click on the “Menu Entry Swapper” plugin to enable it. This action activates the plugin for use.

Step 3 :-Access Configuration Settings:

  • Once the Menu Entry Swapper is enabled, you can access its configuration settings. These settings allow you to customize rightclick menu entries for various ingame actions, including pickpocketing.

Step 4 :-Find the Pickpocket Action:

  • In the configuration settings, locate the entry related to pickpocketing. It may be labeled as “Thieve” or “Pickpocket” depending on the specific NPC or target you wish to interact with.

Step 5 :-Customize the RightClick Menu Entry:

  • Click on the pickpocket entry to customize it. You can prioritize actions and reorder menu entries according to your preference.
  • Set your preferred action, such as “Pickpocket” or “Thieve,” as the default option by moving it to the top of the menu list.

Step 6 :-Save Changes:

  • After configuring the pickpocket action to your liking, save your changes within the Menu Entry Swapper settings.

Step 7 :-Apply Configuration:

  • The settings you’ve applied will take effect the next time you attempt to pickpocket the respective NPC or target in OSRS.

By following these steps, you can set up the Menu Entry Swapper for pickpocketing in OSRS. This customization will streamline your interactions, making it easier and more efficient to engage in thieving activities throughout the game.

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