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Play Pacman Online for Free! The original Pac Man

Play the original Pacman right from your browser for FREE! No download required! This is the original Pac man and the full game! Enjoy!

Pacman is one of the best games of all time and it is now available free to play on NMGamers! Play online pacman for free and enjoy your time :) Pacman online is available along with many other free games, so if you get bored, feel free to check them out.

 Play Pacman Now. Please note: Your browser must support flash. If you are browsing on an iPhone/iPad, you will need a flash supporting app such as Puffin browser to play Pacman on your browser.

Play the original Pacman for absolutely free on NMGamers! Enjoy countless hours of classic pac-man :-)


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Online Pacman for Free! Pacman online is the original pac man, free to play with no download required on NMGamers.com

The Original Pacman – Play online for free. Pacman online is the original pac man.

Why is Pacman so good?

Because it is a simple game yet it is extremely fun. It is good for all ages and genders. The problem with most games nowadays is that they try too hard to force the fun factor on the players. This is why many of us turn to nostalgia and indie games, because back in the day people knew what made games actually fun. 

How to play?

Avoid the ghosts, eat the circles (never figured out what they were) and the berries. When the ghosts turn blue after eating a berry you can eat them as well, but be careful, the effect will only be temporary and they will respawn. And beware of the light blue ghost – it can never be eaten!

NMGamers is proud to offer:

This is the real original classic pacman completely free to play on NMGamers! Pac man and many other great games online for free, no downloads required!

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