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Empire Online

Empire Online is the Top Medieval Strategy War Game! Play Now on NMGamers

Play Empire Online, the best browser based Strategy War game! No download required and it is completely free to play! Click to Play Now!

Empire is the fastest growing Strategy RPG game with over 32 million players.

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What is Goodgame Empire?

It is a perfect simulation of the medieval times, and the ultimate online medieval war game. You start out as a peasant in a small castle and your goal is to build and develop your castle, conquer your enemies, and expand your presence in your quest to become a mighty King. Unlike other empire based games, Goodgame Empire offers you a completely open world PvP (Player vs. Player).

Your actions impact not only yourself but everyone else around you. Whether you decide to become a mighty ruler, a trader, or a diplomat is completely up to you.

You decide your own fate. Play Now!

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Common Questions and Answers

1) Can you attack other players in Empire?

Absolutely! You can pillage other player’s resources, spy on their castles, sabotage their infrastructure, and burn down their castles.

But you need to be careful – actions in Empire have long term consequences. If you just mess with everyone around your area and they decide to group up together against you, then you might be in trouble. It is a good idea to have some sense of diplomacy and not mindlessly attack everyone around you, as that can backfire fairly quickly. It is what makes empire such a good strategy game.

2) I just started and I have no idea what I am doing!

No problem at all, we are here to help! Simply post a comment and we will help you out – we respond to every single person individually.

When you initially start, try to follow and learn from the tutorial, it gives you some great hints. Once you are done with the tutorial, it is a good idea to follow the quest system and try to develop a well-rounded castle in the beginning. The game gets more advanced and has a lot more strategic depth to it when you level up, so stick with it, and we will help you out by sharing some of our secret strategies in the future.

3) I love this game! Can I play with friends?

Absolutely! Empire supports playing online with friends in a multiplayer fashion. Everyone around you in the world is a real player, and playing with a friend can actually greatly enhance your gameplay experience. Friends can support each other with resources, fortify and support each other with defensive units, and coordinate attacks together. Feel free to invite your friends!

4) I have another question that was not addressed here

Not to worry, we are here to help you out! Simply post your comment below and we will address it within 24 hours!

If you ever played age of empires, think of Empire as an age of empires online browser game that requires longer term strategy!

Cheers, and enjoy the game!

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